Tremendous, Terrific, Tournament Time

I’ve never been so excited about an upcoming tournament. Actually, I’ve never been so excited about two tournaments. Even though I hadn’t played many tournaments in the last few years, I always knew I could. Having been restricted from even considering a tournament has given me a new appreciation for the tournament experience. I had anticipated playing in the Georgia Games, and still do. But, I signed up for two tournaments before then. I barely care how I perform. I see no reason that I can’t be at the top of my game. I mostly just want to play. It will be good to be back with a bunch of players for a couple of full days of competition. 

Browsing the site revealed that there are plenty of other players who are just as excited as me. I signed up for every event I was eligible for for the Paddle Palace Atlanta Summer Open on June 5th. Between the Championship round robin, the U2300, the U2100, and the U1900, it’s possible that I could play over fifteen matches. Three weeks later, is the 2021 Athens Georgia Table Tennis Summer Open. This will be a much smaller tournament where I am currently the second highest rated player registered. Even though this is a very small tournament, there is prize money. I would encourage some of the Atlanta players to make the drive to Athens on June 26th.  

It’s good to be back. I don’t think I’ll ever take table tennis for granted. I’m gaining a new appreciation for tournaments. What a blessing to be able to play. What a blessing to be able to play against great players and great people. What a blessing to do something that is so innately healthy and fun! What a blessing…..

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