The Reappearing T in Table Tennis

How specialized is your coach? I stumbled upon some information suggesting that in some parts of the world coaches don’t attempt to be all things to all players. How great would it be to have a tactical advisor, an expert in technique, and a different coach to create training schedules and serve as a training instructor? I am frequently asked what the T3 stands for on our team shirts. In case you haven’t figured it out, it stands for Table Tennis Training, not to be confused with the German 3T club, which stands for the same thing. 

T3 doesn’t stand for tactics, technique, and training. Nor, does it stand for my patented method of teaching serves to beginners, which stands for toss, touch, and table. The T2 table tennis program was equally unoriginal when they decided on their brand. Despite having one less T than the German club or my training center, they seem to be doing okay.

Since I am the only coach at the T3 training center, I’ve got to know something about tactics. Teaching proper technique is essential. But, training players and helping them improve is what I do best. I’m probably not going to hire a tactical expert or a technique guru to try to keep up with the Chinese. What I am doing is adding an extra T once a week. Team table tennis training brings out the best in tactics, technique, training, and teamwork. Four t’s are better than three, and a whole lot better than one.

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