The Class of Clearwater – Sunrise Table Tennis

How did that tournament go? I’m getting that question a lot since I’ve returned from Florida. I won one and lost four. I dropped almost fifty rating points and was done playing by lunchtime. That doesn’t sound like a very good tournament for me personally, but the Sunrise Open was actually an excellent tournament. Even if my results weren’t good, there were some real positives to take away from the weekend. My goal was to get in some matches with players who were near my rating but were not familiar to me. All five of my matches were very challenging and were exactly the kind of matches I had anticipated. 

There were several things about this tournament that impressed me. I’ve come to expect boosted rubber and illegal serves. This was completely absent from the group I played in. I found that to be very encouraging, and gives me hope for future competitions. Tournament Director, Richard Perez was extremely enthusiastic and did a good job of setting some ground rules before matches began. I especially liked his request for players to “respect the let” if a stray ball enters the playing area. The Long Center is an excellent venue for table tennis. When I first walked in it seemed a little dark, but I never had any trouble adjusting to the lighting or seeing the ball. 

The Sunrise February Open at Clearwater was well run, very competitive, and was held at a great facility. I was disappointed that the event format was changed when extra players were added. While it’s nice to have more players, their addition meant that the majority of players played three less matches than originally advertised. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the tournament, and my time in Clearwater. Next time you visit the sunshine state, you should drop in. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did. Sunrise Table Tennis Club

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