Table Tennis Restart

Even with my own private training studio, I’m starting to miss table tennis. I’ve probably been able to play more this year than most people; but I think it’s about time to bust loose on the greater world of our sport. Coaching has been going well; and I get to play competitive matches on a regular basis. Still, I was never meant to be a hermit, even a table tennis hermit. 

To go from seeing friends once a week to not at all is starting to wear on me. Whatever your opinion on lockdowns, most of us would agree that they can’t be permitted to be eternal. So, my plan is to step out and visit some other clubs in the near future. I may not be able to hold out until I get the vaccine. That’s one thing that I’m still too young to get right away. 

When I do get out to play some other players, I’ll gain some real insights that could make for some interesting posts. My best guess is that I’m not playing much better or worse than I was a year ago. That might not be true; and I have no idea how much other players have changed. I do look at the AGTTA league ratings. If I shocked the world and showed up this Tuesday, I would still likely be on one of the top two tables. But, it’s not hard to imagine that 1800 level league players may have morphed into underrated 2000 level players. A lot can happen in one year. I’m anxious to see what has changed in that year. It’s almost time. I miss the people. I miss the competition. I miss Atlanta traffic. I miss playing in a large venue. I miss living. Yeah, I feel like bustin’ loose. 


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  1. Bustin’ loose on down. I currently play in Athens (on occasion), ATTC (league on Monday’s) , ARC (league Saturday morning) , and AGTTA (league Tuesday’s). All check your temperature. Athens requires you to wear a mask in the building and I believe to be the safest. Of course you can control social distancing. Welcome back!

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