Surveying USATT

USATT sent me a survey. I love surveys. I’ve taken a number of employee satisfaction surveys, and always take full advantage of the opportunity to really let my employer have it, anonymously of course. I especially like the comment section at the end of most surveys. I have heard that these are rarely filled out, but if they are, they carry a little more weight with the surveyors. I save the comment box to really drive home the degree of frustration I feel with various policies that seem especially stupid.
The USATT survey did not disappoint. They wanted to know what sex I most identified with, but only gave me two choices. I was hoping for a few more options. It is 2018, after all. Strangely enough, they asked for my income level. Lucky for me, I had just had a major Power Ball win, which will likely skew the results for the entire survey. They also wanted to know my race. I felt this was particularly offensive. Do they really expect me to simply check “white.” My most recent Ancestry results show I am 33% Swedish, which you would think is a good thing in a table tennis survey. I decided to go with Native American, since my boyhood address was on Cherokee Road. The anonymity of these surveys is always suspect. I’m likely the only coach from the southeast, that is 60-69, has an income that is off the charts, and is distantly related to the inventor of the Cherokee alphabet (I attended Sequoyah High School.)
Once USATT had all my vital information, the interrogation began. My understanding of these surveys is that if you are only slightly satisfied or slightly dissatisfied, your answers will go in the trash. If you really don’t give a rat’s ass, this also will not count for much. The best answers are along the lines of ; There’s a special place in hell for USATT officers, or I never had an orgasm until I became a USATT member. These types of answers will definitely get some attention. Unfortunately, you only get the choice of, completely satisfied, or completely dissatisfied. 
“Don’t ask me what I think of you, I might not give the answer that you want me to”- Fleetwood Mac
I did mark some items very positively. I know USATT could be better, but it was tough to really put my finger on what changes needed to be made. I’d like some actual umpires for all my tournament matches. The items that are featured on the website seem repetitive. It’s easy to criticize. I’m not sure how much good this survey will do. Despite my ridiculing of these types of surveys, it is a attempt to make our sport better. I do appreciate all the people behind the scenes at USATT. Put me down as moderately satisfied. 

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