Signing Off On A Table Tennis Report Card

It’s entirely possible that we are not getting enough honest feedback about our progress in the world of table tennis. I was never an all A student in elementary school, and if I got report cards now, I still wouldn’t be. Let’s take a trip back in time and look at some of the conversations we had concerning our progress reports, and see if we can relate them to table tennis.
Good afternoon Mrs. Falkenberg. We’ve called you in today because your son Timo is daydreaming in class. These advanced classes are going to require far more focus than he is used to. If he thinks he can just glide by and win with the same serves that he’s always used, he is badly mistaken. I’m certain he is not doing any homework. If he hopes to get into the advanced league, he will absolutely have to practice more than once a week. No, I don’t think he needs a different paddle. Speaking of paddles, I nearly took him to Principal Samsonov’s office for his use of bad language. He usually only does this when under stress, and mostly seems to be talking to himself. As you can see, he is getting A’s in his basic forehand and backhand topspin classes. I have concerns that he is not applying himself when it comes to backspin and serve returns. I understand that these are harder for him, but if he hopes to play at a good college, this will have to improve.  We here at The Elite Olympian Loopers Academy of Table Tennis have standards, and it seems that young Timo may not be Elite Olympian material. We do not plan to expel him at his time, but…..Oh, by the way, did you bring the monthly tuition check? Thankyou. Please remember that hourly rates will go up to $50 an hour in February. Let’s see. Where were we? Oh yes. We are also concerned that Timo is talking far too much in class. I have explained to him that if he is talking, he can’t be concentrating on his studies. Listen Mrs. Falkenberg, I basically believe Timo is a good little guy. His conduct is acceptable except in one area. He does have some difficulty playing and getting along with others. You may know a young lad in our class. I can’t disclose his name. Let’s just call him Master Long Pips. Yes, he is special. He seems to be having trouble getting along with several of the other children. I think it would be good for your son to spend more time with him. He might even be a good influence on young Timo. It is possible that Timo is getting bored. Some students don’t seem to thrive with as much structure as we demand at our academy. We do have a special class where students make their own lesson plans. I can’t recommend Timo for it now, but if he could pull up his grades, it might be something to consider for next year. Well, thankyou for coming Mrs. Falkenberg. I know Timo wants to do well. There are times I can see him really trying. Let’s see if together we can steer him in the right direction. 

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