Reflections on Reflectoid

Gambler Reflectoid is great! Hmmm, not really great, but it’s decent. Okay, it’s not all that wonderful; then why do I keep on buying it? Perhaps it’s the fact that it only costs $14. I can buy five sheets of Reflectoid for the same price as one sheet of Butterfly Tenergy. Is Tenergy five times better than Reflectoid? For a defensive player, Reflectoid might be the far better choice.
Reflectoid to me, is like the girl next door, while Tenergy is the new girl in class. You can’t help but notice the new girl, but when times are tough, we tend to turn to those things that are familiar, friendly, and trusted. No, Reflectoid isn’t fast. It’s a tacky defensive rubber with a soft sponge. It comes in 2.0, 1.5, and 1.0 thickness. The 2.0 version could be considered more of an all around rubber. On a offensive blade it might actually be capable of some powerful shots. The thinner versions are as good as other defensive rubbers that cost three times as much. 
Perhaps the best thing I can say about this very reliable rubber is that it will do what you ask of it, which is why it is a good rubber for beginners to learn correct strokes with. For defensive players, it can create decent spin on chops. The soft sponge is very forgiving of less than perfect contact. Even advanced players could use Reflectoid effectively, especially if they rely more on spin than speed. 
Even though it is not expensive, Reflectoid can play well if it is taken care of, and used by someone who knows how to use it. A sticky rubber protection sheet is essential to maintain the tacky top sheet. It’s not a rubber that is likely to change or improve your game immediately. Reflectoid isn’t great. Instead, it’s reliable, predictable, forgiving, low maintenance, and functional. Judging by the numerous comments on various table tennis forums, some players have grown to love Reflectoid, and wouldn’t use anything else. It might take some time, but you might grow to appreciate Reflectoid, kind of like the girl next door. 

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