Reaching 2000 in 2020

What would it mean to reach a USATT rating of 2000? A 2000 rating is a nice round number that proves you are playing table tennis at a recognizably high level. Is 2000 simply too high for the average club player? 2000 is a worthy goal because many will attempt to reach 2000, but not everyone is going to make it. I haven’t made it to the mountaintop either, but I intend to give it my best shot in 2020. It won’t be easy. While my rating is still a couple hundred points short, I have played a lot of 2000 plus players. I feel like I know what it will take. If your goal is to reach 2000 this year, you probably need to be playing pretty close to 2000 now. It’s unlikely that you can jump up 500 points in one year. It’s not impossible. It’s just unlikely unless you are training several times a week. 

So, assuming you realistically think you can make it, here is an approach that could work. Realize that 2000 level players are not perfect. They aren’t pros, and they have weaknesses too. To get to 2000, you’ll need to raise your entire game to a 2000 level. Your serves will need to be above a 2000, because you’ll probably need to beat some 2100 players. If you are rated 1800, a initial goal of reaching 1900 is a good first step. 

Having a routine that will help you reach your goals is essential. It is possible to practice serves daily. Playing weekly league matches will help prepare you for tournament competition. If possible, play at least one tournament a month. It’s pretty hard to improve your tournament rating if you never play tournaments. 

Assume your opponents will be using boosted rubber and serving illegally. They might not be, but the higher rated players are more likely to use rubber that has been doctored. Serves will frequently be hidden or marginally illegal. Don’t let this catch you off guard. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do against questionable equipment, other than be prepared for it. If your opponent is serving illegally, you should request an umpire. You’ll need to practice against illegal serves, just in case.

After each tournament evaluate your progress. See what you’ll need to do differently next time. Breakthroughs are often only a matter of small changes in your approach. Look to be playing your best in the final six months of the year. 2000 is just a number, but it’s a number worth shooting for.  

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  1. My current rating is 1641 but I at times can play competitively and occasionally beat a 1900 player. I’ve even won a few matches against a low 2000 player but I just don’t believe I’ll ever reach 1800 rating. I’ll start keeping a record with noyes of matches during 2020 which I expect will confirm this next statement. I believe if you take my last 50 matches against players playing with pips during league or tournaments I haven’t won 5 matches. So, 1641 is about where I’ll stay until I figure out how to play against pips naturally without having to think after the serve.

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