Most Likely to Succeed?

What drives the typical table tennis player? Unlike some sports enthusiasts, table tennis fans are rarely spectators. Even if they watch videos, and occasionally live matches, most of the table tennis world is made up of players. As someone who writes about table tennis, I may be more aware of this than most. I know players do read about our sport. I coach a few who seem to have read every word ever written, and they have only been playing for a year or two.
The reality is that players will soak up great quantities of information, but it has to be the right kind of information. Thanks to Google Analytics, I know that many readers of this article have already clicked to something else. In the first fifteen seconds, the decision has already been made that this is not exactly what they were looking for. The key to the good info is, as I had always suspected, the likelihood that it will make readers better players.
In the course of analyzing my own blog, I’ve found this to be true. Some posts just have more potential to be interesting to more people. Again, thanks to Google Analytics, I can see which posts have been most popular. The most read posts seem to be geared towards player improvement. There are a few that I am particularly proud of that made it to the USATT site. The Real Rallies of Table Tennis doesn’t exactly prove my point, but it had a great photo and video. Watching a ninety one shot rally isn’t likely to make you a better player, but it is fun. Club Table Tennis in Japan is also an exception to the rule. It is actually the third most popular post, of over one hundred on the T3 blog. The most read are generally about improving as a player. The most popular is Table Tennis Muscles and number two is The Misunderstood Flat Hit .
Some of my favorite posts didn’t really get much attention. They were fun to write and may have struck a chord with a limited audience. But most of the table tennis world is striving to learn more, and play better. I’m sure I will continue to write about  sometimes obscure topics, but knowing table tennis players, as I do, I have a good idea which posts are most likely to succeed.

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