Impeaching Your Table Tennis Coach

I just recently became aware that it was possible to impeach someone who is no longer in office. Who knew? Well, if you look up the definition of impeachment you’ll discover it’s not only possible; it happens all the time. The most basic definition of impeachment is to accuse someone of misconduct. By that definition, I’m getting impeached on a pretty regular basis. The more common definition is to accuse a public official of misconduct while in office. We normally assume impeachment is reserved for presidents, but here’s some good news – You can impeach anybody. I’ve been president of two table tennis organizations and a church youth group. I assume the statute of limitations prevents any charges being brought up from my teenage years. I probably can’t be removed from office in my current position. Jon’s Table Tennis Training only has one employee. I have considered impeaching myself, but decided to complete my term and vote myself back into office as permanent ping pong dictator. 

My biggest concern is that I could be impeached by AGTTA. It’s been at least five years since I held any office at Atlanta’s oldest table tennis club. Now that people know you can impeach past presidents, nobody’s safe. Though I was never voted out of office and resigned in good standing, there could be an impeachment movement growing. A good number of AGTTA members didn’t realize I was president and might be shocked to know their leader looked so guilty.

Forgive me for mocking the entire concept of the current impeachment proceedings. You might think it’s a very serious business, while I think it’s hateful, malevolent, spiteful, malicious, mean, nasty, vicious, devious, vindictive, obnoxious, snotty. unkind, mean-spirited, and evil. Wow! That’s a lot of synonyms. But wait! There’s more. How about bitchy, contemptuous, venomous, caustic, and opprobrious? You might have to look that last one up. Have I gone too far? Maybe, we can just agree to disagree? That’s an interesting concept. We could agree to disagree; or we can just impeach…impeach….impeach.  

5 Replies to “Impeaching Your Table Tennis Coach”

  1. jon keep up the good work! stay on the subject of table tennis and coaching. don’t make it political…perhaps you are getting impeached because you take a political stance on table tennis/coaching. so don’t impeach anyone or yourself, be good to what you do best!

    1. Hi Steve Thanks for your thoughtful and very accurate comments. I probably won’t take your advice, although I am sure that many people share your opinion. I try to make my posts a little different than what you get from most table tennis coaches. Even my posts that are strictly table tennis tend to be a little more personal. With that approach, my readers will probably be stuck with taking the good with the bad. Politics is part of life; and while it shouldn’t be the main subject for a table tennis blog, it may show up occasionally. The post that came out today is much less political, but probably equally personal. Thanks for reading, and especially for giving me some useful feedback

      1. thanks for the reply Jon. my feedback was not a word in stone. and not meant to pinch a nerve in anyways. my apologies if it did. you do whatever floats your boat and makes you happy. just make sure it gets you more trainees and $$$ if you are doing it for the $$$. being a coach myself for many years, rarely if at all, there has been any political discussion. i am more focused on providing the training to my wing versus other stuff. plus, you never know who is on the receiving end of your commentary, AGTTA, coaches, or even your own trainees. depending on the situation, it may not be a win-win if you get my drift. point is, focus on the thing you are good at and leave the rest to your “internal” group including pets 🙂

        1. Hi Steve. I wasn’t offended at all by your thoughts. I am always happy when somebody comments, especially a coach. Believe me; I avoid political conversations during training. I’ve been fortunate enough to maintain plenty of students, even during the pandemic. I rarely go so strong on a political subject, but if something is in the news I’m not opposed to connecting it to table tennis. You are right that if I’m trying to get more students this post probably won’t help. I’m actually okay with anybody reading any of my posts; and I am happy to stand behind even some of my crazier ones. I truly do appreciate your comments and thank you for reading the blog. I can’t guarantee that there will never be anything controversial, but I’ll mostly be about table tennis. Thanks again.

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