Growth and Development and Ping Pong

There have been plenty of articles written about the value of table tennis for adults, and particularly seniors. I’ve got a page devoted completely to coaching seniors. Seniors Table Tennis Program. There is a little less information about the value of table tennis for children. Actually, I’m not advocating for worldwide ping pong participation for preschoolers. My concern in this case is not for the growth of table tennis. I’m concerned for young people who grow up never having experienced any positive activities that involve body movement. Table tennis could work for some, but there are plenty of other activities that promote balance, coordination, strength, endurance, and body awareness.┬áNot even considering the health benefits, participating in a sport or physical activity is beneficial for building self confidence. It’s amazing that schools that have been striving to provide excellent education for the mind have de-emphasized the body, as if the two weren’t connected. I realize that not every child is terribly interested in sports or exercise. I know people who truly hated traditional physical education classes. I really never knew anyone who didn’t appreciate a class hike, as opposed to sitting in a classroom. The real responsibility for insuring children stay active falls to the parents. My own mother routinely kicked me out of the house, instinctively knowing that a life of watching Huckleberry Hound couldn’t be good for me. It will take a greater effort in 2020 to insure children have movement incorporated in their lives. It’s never too early to start, and the benefits last a lifetime.

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