For the Love of Table Tennis

A brand new table tennis center comes to Atlanta

There’s a brand new table tennis center in Atlanta. Technically it’s in Lawrenceville, but it’s well worth the drive from anywhere in metro Atlanta. There’s a lot to like about the Atlanta Table Tennis Center. This is what the Atlanta table tennis community has always hoped for. Seemingly out of nowhere, a very impressive full time facility has arrived in Georgia. They have great tables, great flooring, great lighting, and reasonable pricing. There are two coaches, a table tennis robot, equipment sales, and a friendly staff.¬†

All of this sounds great, but it’s not what sets ATTC apart. When they opened for business, they could have chosen any number of ways to describe what they were all about. They chose, “Healthy Body – Healthy Spirit – Happy Life.” That’s an awfully good foundation to start with, and one that transcends table tennis. I was fortunate enough to meet with the managers of ATTC and came away more impressed with them than I was with their facility. Several people invested their time, money, and talents to create a table tennis center that is in a great position to thrive for years to come. The Atlanta Table Tennis Center is open for business. Congratulations to everyone who helped make the dream a reality, simply for the love of table tennis.

Atlanta Table Tennis Center
1670 Spectrum Drive 
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043

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