Finding Your Points In the Table Tennis Lost and Found

I may have to get a lost and found box. Right now I am in possession of a pretty nice jacket, and a USATT water bottle. I have claimed a t-shirt with a skull on it. Phones have been forgotten. Some players leave an amazing amount of sweat. There are also items that were purposely left behind. Banana peels, broken balls, small children; I’ve seen it all. There are also a lot of misplaced points around here.

Players frequently lose points because they don’t know where to find them. You should have a very clear idea about where your points are coming from. You should also know where you are losing points. In an eleven point game there’s not much margin for error. Let’s go ahead and dig through the Lost and Found of table tennis points.

  • Lost – Point from ball served into the side of the table 
  • Found – Point from a controlled attack 
  • Lost –  Point from being out of position 
  • Found – Points generated by quality sidespin serves
  • Lost – Point from pushed ball that ends up in the net
  • Found – Points from precise blocks
  • Lost – Points from balls hit really hard that miss the table
  • Found – Points from playing to opponent’s weaknesses
  • Lost – Point from misreading spin
  • Found – Points from remaining calm and alert
  • Lost – Points from playing too predictably
  • Found – Points from staying emotionally positive
  • Lost – Points from having a racket that is too fast or hard to control

Somewhere in the Lost and Found you may be able to see where all your lost points went, and where you usually find your points. Examine your game so you’ll know where points can be found. Train and strive so that you never lose any points. They’ll have to be taken from you. 

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  1. How about losing a point by CATCHING a shot to my backhand? I’d tie my left arm behind my back, but that would make serving rather difficult!

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