The Complete List of Table Tennis Resolutions for 2018


There is a real temptation to create a list of resolutions for people other than myself. I’m actually not very good at making or keeping resolutions, so my own personal ones may not be helpful to me, much less anyone else. Perhaps the best approach is to create a smorgasbord of possible goals for 2018. Somewhere on this list you should be able to find at least one thing that could be done differently in the new year. In no particular order, I give you, the most complete list of resolutions to make table tennis better for you in 2018 than it was in 2017.

  1. Schedule a tournament to play in. Actually pay the entry fee and arrange your schedule now. It’s easy to put this off if you don’t commit to it. Every player can benefit by playing at least one tournament a year.
  2. Invest in a quality racket. If the rubber you have on your paddle is old and chipping away, it’s time to put some money into the only essential piece of equipment that you actually need. If you don’t know what to buy, get some advice from a coach or player you trust.
  3. Get some coaching. It doesn’t have to be every day, or even once a week. If you have a good training partner, a once a month lesson with a good coach might be enough to keep you going in the right direction.
  4. Introduce someone new to table tennis. Invite them to play at a club, or teach them some of the basics. You might turn them into a lifelong player.
  5. Serve legally in 2018. If you are serving illegally, you are hurting our sport, and damaging your own reputation. If you aren’t sure if your serve is legal, find out. Practicing serves the right way may actually improve your game.
  6. Define your playing style. Put some thought into how you want to play, what your natural tendencies are, and how you typically win points. It can be helpful to actually write this down to help remind you how you need to approach competition.
  7. As long as it is legal, you need to learn how to play against pips, anti, etc. Advanced players are rarely bothered by these types of rubber. Any player with an unorthodox style or paddle should be seen as a unique challenge. See What About Bob? A Table Tennis Story With a Moral and A Primer For Pips.
  8. Relax. The extreme focus for our sport tends to get in our heads, and can cause us to take things a little too seriously. Keeping things in perspective will actually help you play better. Reserve the laser like focus for training and competition, and don’t obsess when you’re away from the table.
  9.  Begin a fitness program apart from table tennis. A complimentary sport, or a regularly scheduled workout can benefit your game and your health. See The Pragmatists Guide to Table Tennis Cardio Training .
  10. Play some new players. It’s great to have some regular opponents that continue to challenge you, but there are probably new challenges that can be found at a different venue, with some new faces.
Happy New Year! Have a great 2018!!!

2 Replies to “The Complete List of Table Tennis Resolutions for 2018”

  1. Great list especially #7. I know your surprised of my comment but I need to work on this instead of avoiding playing pips. Believe my biggest issue with pips is that I’m a blocker, therefore I hit the ball into the net. Anyway happy new year and I look forward to playing against you soon.

    1. Hi Bruce Thanks for your comment. Most of the people I coach, who are beyond beginner stages, have gotten used to the occasional pips shots I’ll send them. The two articles I linked to actually explain the approach you need to take pretty well, but there is no substitute for practicing against pips. As you already realize, different players use them in different ways, but there are some general rules for playing against pips and anti. It does require an adjustment to your stroke, and recognition of the pips shot.

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