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Long Stroke – Short Stroke – No Stroke The length of your table tennis stroke should match the type of shot you are executing.

Smooth Rubber

While players often obsess over their pips out rubber, the smooth rubber on the other side of the paddle might…

How Your Grip Might Be Destroying Your Loop It's important not to grip your racket too tightly, especially when looping.

Backhand and Forehand Grip Transitions Experienced players transition seamlessly from forehands to backhands with only minor adjustments.

Avoiding Table Tennis Injuries It is possible to injure yourself playing table tennis. If your strokes are flawed or if you are not…

Abandoning Underspin Find out what happens when one player abandoned underspin serves - just for a day.

Table Tennis Skill Levels There are benefits to playing all types of players of every standard.

It’s time to Change The USATT Tournament Rating System The current tournament system is fundamentally flawed and has the unintended effect of discouraging participation. 

Force, Friction, and Table Tennis Every shot is a combination of force and friction. Getting the right ratio is a key to consistency.

Two Easy But Effective Drills These are two drills that are essential to development.

Cheap Table Tennis Rubber Sometimes the cheap stuff is even better than the pricey rubber. 

Is Table Tennis Defense Dead? It has become very difficult to survive in the world of table tennis by playing a purely defensive game.…

Tibhar Grass D.Tecs (Fast Long Pips) Normally, long pips are used for defense. This rubber is more offensive than defensive.

Block Back Better The skill of blocking is certainly underappreciated in the world of modern table tennis.

Table Tennis Training With a Robot Definitely, watch this before you buy a table tennis robot.

Pattern Recognition in Table Tennis Pattern recognition is the invisible skill of table tennis.

Falck Carbon Blade Review The Yasaka Falck Carbon blade is a reasonable alternative to all wood blades.

Table Tennis Bubbles Sometimes it's necessary to change perspective on an approach to table tennis and get out of a table tennis…

Don’t Waste Your Table Tennis Training Time Make the most of your training by being as specifically correct as possible with your footwork and strokes.

Why Sweden is So Good at Table Tennis Sweden continues to be the greatest threat to the dominance of China in the world of table tennis.

Table Tennis Philosophy It will take some serious introspection to figure out if you have a table tennis philosophy.

Learning Spin Through Multi-ball A steady dose of no spin balls can help you learn to increase the spin on your other shots.

Learning to Spin The first step to learning how to handle spin is to learn how to spin no-spin balls.

One Joint…One Serve It's all about a more focused approach to serving.

All About Backspin Many players struggle against backspin ….even at intermediate levels. Handling backspin is just as important as strong topspin shots.