Table Tennis Coach Jon Gustavson’s Background

Hi. My name is Jon Gustavson. I coach table tennis in Atlanta, Georgia. This website is dedicated to helping others develop as players and to promoting table tennis as a sport for life.

I have lived in Atlanta most of my life and always stayed active. I grew up with a ping pong table and played enough to be a fairly decent recreational player. About 15 years ago I began to see that there was another side to ping pong that involved dedicated players, tournaments, and training. My first visit to a table tennis club opened my eyes to the real possibilities to this as a sport that could challenge me and keep me in shape for years to come.

Since that first visit I have had the privilege of being coached by some of the top coaches in the U.S. and been able to enjoy playing locally, at out of state tournaments, and internationally. One of the real pleasures of table tennis is being a student of the game. Since I began coaching, the basic path to improvement has really not changed. Every student I have worked with has always heard the same message: Get some coaching so you can practice in a way that helps you develop as a player. Play matches against all types of players. Practice serves.

Many players are playing matches and can practice serves if they are motivated to do so. What separates the average players from the improving players is quality consistent training. If you are looking to take the next step and get the most from table tennis in terms of fitness and improvement it’s time to start training. I offer coaching and training for all levels of players at very reasonable rates. Every effort is made to keep the hourly rate low enough so players can afford to train often.

It would be my honor to be your coach and/or training partner. For some additional information about my coaching, take a look at this 2016 article  in VoyageATL.

Cancellation Policy

March 1, 2019 – If you need to cancel an appointment, I need to know by 9:30 am on the day of your training session. If I don’t hear from you either by email, text, phone call, or in person, expect to pay for the time you originally scheduled. Please understand that I have to be here and plan my day, even if you don’t show up. All sessions will be charged for the amount of time scheduled. In the event that you are late for your appointment, expect that the session will still end at the scheduled time. I am very aware of how bad traffic can be in Atlanta. If you are stuck in traffic, please call. I am more than willing to be flexible with this policy, if you will communicate with me about any unique circumstances.